Wild Bore

Wild Bore

Created and performed by Adrienne Truscott,                                                               Zoe Coombs Marr and Ursula Martinez

Visual Design: Danielle Brustman                                                                                                                                      Sound Design: Raya Slavin                                                                                                                                                          Lighting Design: Richard Vabray.

The first rule of making art is: don’t respond to your critics

In the most provocative show at this year’s Fringe, three masters of smart, spiky, political performance delve into the torrent of critical fury that has been aimed at baffling, misunderstood and downright awful works of art (including their own).

Alternative comedy and theatre superstars Zoe Coombs-Marr (Barry Award winner), Ursula Martinez (Olivier Award winner) and Adrienne Truscott (Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize winner) team up for the first time in an international supergroup to prove they too are not afraid to talk out of their arses. Indeed, 'Wild Bore is constantly expanding and contracting, folding back in on itself so that you are always seeing parts of the work which came before in a new light, creating an increasingly complex understanding of both the world of criticism and of Wild Bore itself. Indeed, the best piece of arts criticism you encounter all year might just be Wild Bore’s review of Wild Bore...Wild Bore is hilarious and intelligent but also loud and angry: a battle cry for not only stronger, more diverse criticism but also for the same strength and diversity on comedy stages. It is a joy to watch these artists claim their space so forcefully, to yell back at their critics so clearly, to ask everyone to simply be better.'

‘One of the best shows at the Fringe this year, for no apparent reason….’ ★★★★★ To Do List
‘A battle cry against the legion of monstrous critics.’ ★★★★★ The List

'With Wild Bore, three comedians at the top of their game deliver a meta exploration of criticism and performance that is truly, outrageously funny.' ★★★★★ The Guardian