Too Freedom

Choreographer Adrienne Truscott presents
プサーフボード ブランドナガセ シ当店取扱い国産100%ハンドシェイ
ェイプ (トゥーフリーダム サーフボード)オクムラ シェイプ (09サーフ
ボード、ブラスト サーフボード)ショウジ シェイプ (ファンタジーアイ
ランド サーフボード)TOO FREEDOMオリジナルマークも入ります。, an evening of dance and building with people available for hire.

Performers: Neal Medlyn, Laura Sheedy, Gillian Walsh, Mickey Mahar, and others.

Costumes: Larry Krone. Lighting Design: Carrie Wood. Language & Cultural Consultant: Pailo Heitz.

Photo by Paula Court for New York Times

Starting with her experiences as a dance artist and her day job as House Manager for The Kitchen, Adrienne Truscott’s …Too Freedom… explores the relationship between working and performing; as work is performed it is observed, inside the theater and out. In this piece, Truscott takes a micro-sociological approach to choreographic construction that looks at the smallest codes of human interaction and self-presentation in addition to the accepted norm that one must behave differently in different settings. There is a primary juxtaposition in ...Too Freedom... that questions the valorization of vulnerability and the evaluation of presence in performance in contrast to socioeconomic realities and our ideas itinerant work and what 'labor' looks like. The piece is performed with local 'performers' from the venue in which the piece is performed, day laborers hired from the itinerant work force present in or relevant to the locale and Truscott herself. Large sections of solo improvisation frame or exist simultaneously aside task-based scores and Truscott's signature, anti-pedestrian phrase work for small groups.Truscott presents an evening of work with people for hire. …Too Freedom… looks at the state of working, being watched or seen working, and the inherent vulnerabilities of both.

…Too Freedom… was commissioned by The Kitchen whose dance programs are made possible with generous support from The Harkness Foundation for Dance, the Jerome Robbins Foundation, the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, and with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.



"Too Freedom" - Excerpt

"Too Freedom" - Full Show