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Rape isn’t funny, but Adrienne Truscott is. Here’s how…

Stand-Up comedienne and feminist Adrienne Truscott explains how her show ‘Asking For It’, consisting of an hour-long performance of rape jokes, takes power away from rapists and legislative heads by making fun of their existence. Duration: 11:21

Adrienne Truscott on Q&A

An Australian TV show that broadcasts live to over 1 million viewers, covering politics, arts and culture. May 4, Hosted by Tony Jones. Panellists: Peter Singer, Renowned philosopher and ethicist; Greg Hunt, Minister for the Environment; Mark Butler, Shadow Minister for Environment; Amanda Vanstone, Former Liberal Senator; and Adrienne Truscott, Comedian, writer, dancer and circus performer.

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Interview with The Feed about her show 'Adrienne Truscott's Asking For It'

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