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Wild Bore. Skirball Center. 2 NIGHTS ONLY!

Top three reasons you won’t want to miss this one (arranged alphabetically):

1. Adrienne Truscott! 2. Ursula Martinez! 3. Zoe Coombs Marr…ok, and three more for good measure:

1. If you liked Nanette, this is going to be your jam: smart, funny and fearless. 2. The prop work alone is worth the price of admission.
3. This power trio of feminist performance artist comedians is a global Fringe varsity team, coming together to make asses of the cultural biases that shape arts criticism.

The first rule of making art is don’t respond to your critics. But in the U.S. premiere of Wild Bore, three masters of smart, political and outrageous comedy delve into the torrent of critical fury that has been aimed at baffling, misunderstood and downright awful works of art — including their own.

“What great theatre is all about: a performance that is wild, incredibly beautiful, bravely defiant, and most importantly, far from boring.” — The Music

“Three comedians at the top of their game deliver a meta exploration of criticism and performance that is truly, outrageously funny.” – The Guardian Australia

SEPT. 27 & 28 ONLY! (2 SHOWS ON SEPT. 28TH)