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THIS at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Adrienne Truscott made THIS - a dance about dance without any dance; which treats text as choreography while playing with the intersections of memory, narrative authority, truth, fiction, performance and memoir. THIS mines Truscott's own pieces for material available for theft and repurposing in an artistic landscape of limited financial resources and energy. It investigates liminality and the experience and evaporation of time as it is parsed with memory and trauma - and allows the performance itself to be influenced by taking on these things in the midst of the current nationally traumatizing landscape -questioning making art while making it. THIS explores the role of the dancer — and the role of the female body — in the real world and recognizes that our personal narratives, like it or not, may be silently hidden in our bones and muscles; that performance itself might be memoir and suggests that this fact might be gross. THIS is a small or large or medium act of artistic survivalism and an inadequate attempt to reflect new context brought by the performance and climate at hand. THIS is a run-on sentence. THIS is a grift. THIS is a piece of cake.

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