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Gender Mainstreaming Festival at Kampnagel, Hamburg

#AskingForIt at #GenderMainstreaming, a programme chock-full of feminist empowerment, gender diversity and gender equality! Together with guest artists from Rimini, Berlin, Hamburg, Glasgow, Brighton and New York! (C'est moi!!)

A celebration of autonomy and plurality at #Kampnagel in #Hamburg!! 💄🧠👩‍🎤🦆✈️

Amazing international artists here!

Here’s their lovely copy about my show….

9.3.2019 // 21.00 Adrienne Truscott // Asking For It!

German stand-up-comedy is not widely regarded for being especially feminist. This may be traced back to the continued reign of the most popular, mostly male performers who are successfully flogging their “Women make terrible drivers” cliches to further deteriorate mainstream culture. New-York comedienne Adrienne Truscott is one of the beacons of hope in the dark night of international comedy, demonstrating that being political and advancing the queer-feminist agenda does not mean you can’t have a sense of humour. Dressed only from the waist up (not counting her shoes), she breaks down how rape jokes work and makes her vagina speak – accompanied by pop music and sufficient amounts of Gin Tonic to get a “girl” into trouble. ASKING FOR IT is a celestial moment in comedy and one that was lightyears ahead of #metoo: vicious, courageous, hilarious and definitely uncensored!