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David's Friend @ JOE'S PUB!

One Night Only at Joe's Pub!

"A feisty and funny one-woman show…..her odyssey will bring alive the period and its pleasures (and poisons) with pungent animation…a continual pleasure”
Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

David’s Friend
Thursday Feb 15th 9:30pm
Joe’s Pub
Tickets $20 at Joespub.com (PM me for discount code)
(photo Patrick McMullan)

David’s Friend
Written and performed by Nora Burns
Featuring Billy Hough
Directed by Adrienne Truscott
Dramaturgy - Lucy Sexton
Art Direction - Tal Yarden
Costumes - Connie Fleming
Video Montages - Len Whitney

David’s Friend is the story of a crazy friendship in 1980s New York City -- a restless city during a reckless time. It’s a comic odyssey about cruising, disco, drag queens, strippers, sex, love, loss, and AIDS, told with music, videos, costumes, characters, tall tales and torrid truths. 

Written and performed by Nora Burns with direction by Adrienne Truscott, dramaturgy by Lucy Sexton, and visual collaboration by Len Whitney, featuring Billy Hough, this fast-paced show is a multi-media celebration of friendship, fun, freaks, fag hags, youthful passion, changing times, emotions, memories, Manhattan and music that moves your feet to a disco beat. 

“The show delivered on all fronts -- it's funny, it's nostalgic, it's touching, it's poignant and it's smart.”
Kenneth in the 212

“The beauty of “David’s Friend” is, you didn’t have to be there. Burns was, and she brings it alive for the rest of us.”
Marc Miller, NY Theatre Guide

"Nora is leading the charge out of our collective PTSD with love, humor and pelvic thrusts." - Ann Magnuson

“A potent performance about the passing of a great era, beautifully captured, with wells of compassion and funniness. I wish I had known David, but now I do.” - Sandra Bernhard

“Hilarious and incredibly moving - captures a moment in time so many of us closed the door on.” - Jennifer Coolidge

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