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Perth FringeWorld! The Wau Wau Sisters - Backwards and in Heels

The Wau Wau Sisters Return to Perth!!

The Wau Wau Sisters hit the stage as you love them -BACKWARDS as hell and always in HEELS! Join the sisters for high hijinks and the lowdown on life as a Wau Wau. Born but not necessarily 'raised', The Wau Wau Sisters take you through their famed 'songbook' while swigging cocktails and delivering cock tales that must be heard to be believed! If, as the famous quote says, Ginger Rodgers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in heels, well, The Wau Wau Sisters were born BACKWARDS, wouldn't consider any other footwear than HEELS and have just done EVERYTHING! Come have a few and find out what they've gotten away with and how they've (literally) lived to tell you about it!