One Trick Pony

A One-Trick Pony (Or Andy Kaufman Is A Feminist Performance Artist And I'm a Comedian)

Comedy isn't for pussies, so Truscott’s throwing hers back in the ring! Your #1 GPRL (Gimmicky-Pantsless-Rape-Lady) wrestles with standing up while telling jokes, ‘second shows’ and stealing material. All while paying homage to her favorite (dead?!) comedian.

The Australian Times gives it 4.5 stars and says 'A feminist masterpiece disguised behind dick-jokes and partial nudity. It’s brilliant!' Chortle gives it 2 stars and says a definitive ‘Whatever’  How do you respond to reviews? Who cares? She’s naked and wants to wrestle.

‘Nutty comic genius.' **** West Australian  



Adrienne Truscott KING TUT'S WAH WAH HUT @ The Whitney Museum WED, JULY 22, 2015 Part of the exhibition DANCENOISE: Don't Look Back, DANCENOISE hosted a curated evening of performance featuring ten artists in the style of a variety cabaret show.