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Carmine Covelli, Adrienne Truscott and Neal Medlyn.

May 30 - June 13
Wednesday - Sunday at 8:30
Late shows Saturdays June 5 + 12 at 10:30
Thursday Night Social June 3
$20, $15 (students/seniors)


>genesis, no!
Working with the concept of museum displays and the way in which significance of meaning, history, science and fact is represented and deployed, Truscott and her dancers explore the existential pockets that emerge out of the act of curating or choosing scenes, excerpts or examples to be represented as significant. Importantly, however, she creates work that resides in and evolves out of the rigor and oddness of our imaginations so that the final performances truly didn’t exist before.

Created in collaboration with David Neumann, Natalie Agee, Carmine Covelli, Neal Medlyn.


>they will use the highways

In they will use the highways, Truscott considers the possibility of dance erupting and interrupting everywhere and anywhere from the found elements of the surrounding world. Inspired by several trips on the New Jersey Turnpike and musing on the dubious relevance of modern dance, Truscott places disparate and incongruous elements in juxtaposition to create surprising revelations. Along the way she attempts to confound herself and her dancers into a state of heightened awareness by making the hardest dance that absolutely anyone could do.

Created in collaboration with David Neumann, Natalie Agee, Carmine Covelli, Neal Medlyn, Mauri Walton and Dickie Dibella.

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